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The Rev. Elizabeth A. Lloyd,  
Deacons are one of the four orders of ministry in the
Episcopal Church, the other three being laity, bishops, and
priests.  The diaconate is a full and equal order and is a
"special ministry of servanthood." By ordination, deacons are
to bring the needs, concerns and hopes of the world to the
resources of the church and are to equip, inspire, and lead
the servants of Christ to carry out their own diaconal
ministries, thus fulfilling their baptismal promises.  We all are
reminded that in serving others, we are serving Christ himself.

I have been a member of Holy Family since 1972 and was
ordained a deacon February 2, 2002.  Some of my ministry
in the parish, besides serving in the worship services, includes
Outreach, Pastoral Care, Prayer Guild, and Altar Guild.  
Also, I am on the Board of Directors for Interfaith
Transitional Homes, serve on a shift for PADS, and work at
the Rich Township Food Pantry once a month.
The Rev. Rachael Gregory,  Rector