Church of the Holy Family
Who/What is Holy Family
Holy Family is a medium-sized Episcopal church, large enough to offer programs to meet the
needs of every age group, yet small enough to make it possible to know nearly everyone, and
to be known. We won't pester you about joining or embarrass you by asking you to stand up
and introduce yourself. We offer a cordial welcome while allowing people to settle in at their
own pace.

If your Christian background is Roman Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox, you will experience
both the familiar and the unfamiliar in our liturgy. If you feel an urge to rediscover your faith, or
if you are exploring Christianity for the first time, give us a try. You'll like it.

"We live in confusing times when solid foundations seem hard to find."

For almost 2000 years, God has been the solid rock on which Christians have built their lives.
God and human nature have not changed; the world in whic
h we live has. We at Holy Family
seek to express our time-tested faith in a way that makes sense in our own day.
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102 Marquette Street (mailing address)
Sauk Trail and Orchard
Park Forest, Illinois 60466
(708)748-1100 (phone)
(708)748-0611 (fax)
familypf@g, (email)
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Church of the Holy Family
Saturdays at 5:30pm
Sundays at 8 and 10am
Wednesdays at 9:20am
Holy Days as announced
Weekdays at 7pm
Saturdays and Holidays at 5pm
Sundays at 7:35am
Wednesdays at 9am
Other times as announced
Sundays at 9am
...When I started, I was invited to come.... I like the liturgy and the music..... The parish was open to me as a new attendee..... I felt appreciated for being there...... The Rev. Rachael Gregory welcomes you to Mass for the Holy Name of Our Lord at 11:00 a.m. January 1, 2014 at Church of the Holy Family *******
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